Thursday, July 29, 2010

last day on american soil.

Let's see, what's happened since I last posted? Well for starters I've officially started my AFS adventure. Yesterday at 7 a.m. I left Bangor, ME and traveled for several hours to Miami, FL. That alone was an adventure. I mean, I've traveled by myself before but I usually get lost a few times along the way. haha the first time was in Philly. I didn't necessarily get lost but I ended up walking the wrong way for a while. The next adventure was landing in Miami. After collecting my luggage I was expected to hail the Embassy Suites shuttle from the side of the road. Yeah, that didn't really work out. I stood on the corner for at least an hour until I found some other AFS kids. Together, we were able to get the shuttle to pick us up.
After arriving at the hotel we had program specific sessions informing us on what to expect. I also found out that my batteries in my camera are dead and I forgot to pack more. Darn.

So here I am in Miami at my gateway orientation. We have some free time right now so I figured I might as well post one last time before I leave. There are 6 people here going to Chile from the U.S: three for the semester and three for the year. We're also here with people going to Paraguay and Brazil. And there are more coming today who are going to Honduras, Ecuador, and Panama. Gahh I hope I can get to see my friend Nick today!!

Anyways, we're all done with all of the orientation stuff so we have a lot of free time at the moment. However the Chile people aren't leaving the hotel until 8:30 pm. And then our flight doesn't leave until 11:30 at night. Yay red eyes!
So we should be getting into Santiago around 8 am and then we're immediately whisked off to our next orientation on the outskirts in some retreat. I'm not sure how long that orientation will be but I know I'm meeting my host family on Sunday. Oh yeah. I get to take a 12 hour bus ride from Santiago to Temuco. Shabooyah.

Luckily we've been so busy here that I haven't found much time to accept the fact that today's my last day on American soil for the next 11 months. However I have found time to call everyone back home and touch base with them.
And it's almost lunch now so I guess I gotta head out of here. I'm not sure when I'll have internet access again, but I'll try to post ASAP.

Love to everyone. I'll see ya on the other side.

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  1. MİMİMİMİMİMİ! I hope this is all amazing for you, and I can't beliieve how few ğpeople are goıng to Chile! Sevği from turkey.