Tuesday, March 22, 2011

selling me some rifa..

mkay SO today wasn't a complete bore. YAY! :D
however it didn't get REALLY fun until after school haha

So after Sociales, I had Religion class and we went over this packet thing about the story of Jacob when he tricks his blind dad by wearing sheepskin. Like, I've personally never met someone as hairy as a sheep; that just seems unnatural. Anyways, mkay so there's a Chilean slang word called 'weon' that you call like your friends and stuff but it's also a bad word. So you're not supposed to say it around adults. So during religion my friend was reading out loud and all the guys were talking so I was like CALLENSE (or SHUT UP), and they all quieted down except for one guy. Then I said CALLATE WEON and the second I said it I was like OMW I'M SO SORRY to the teacher haha. But she was like 'ohhhhh well you're not from Chile and you didn't know, so it's okay.' ...yeah that's why the second i said it i was like ohhh perdoneme lo siento muuucho. Mkay so after that was Philosophy and Feña and I sat in the back and just listened to music and whole time haha. After it was lunch and we just chilled outside. Next, I had English class and we continued watching 'Tangled'. Man, the humor in that just really cracks me up. Then it was language class and Ipek and I played games. Good job. Productive day like usual.

Mkay so after classes, Ipek and I went downtown and bought ice cream and went shopping at the local market. i bought some nose piercings and earrings and idk what she bought haha. i also bought awesome glasses(: after, we went to the place where i got my lip pierced and asked if i could do it again. they said i could buuuuut the inspectors in my school told me i can't. que hago? no se po.
after we met up with randy and leo (two guys we met at the AFS bbq) and walked around town selling raffle tickets for AFS. oh mannnnn it was fun. first we walked around downtown trying to sell raffle tickets for $1. mannnn was it difficult haha. apparently raffle tickets are usually about 20 cents so everyone was like nopeeee don't have money. it was awful. afterwards, we walked around, talked, went to the mall, went to the hospital to see leo's new baby sister, joked around, took pics, back to the mall, ate, explored this german school, etc. ahhhhh i had sooo much fun with them! and we're all gonna hang out again soon :D i can't wait.

anywayssss i'm super exhausted from all the excitement, so i'm off to bed. i'll try to put the second video up tomorrow.

bored in sociales.

mkay so i'm in the computer lab right now. bored. i think we're supposed to be doing something right now but the teacher hasn't said anything to me. so i'll just continue blogging and facebooking.

that's the bad (but sometimes good) thing about be an exchange student: no one expects anything from you. like if i tried i could probably do what everyone else is doing. i mean, it'd result in a headache from all the translating and thinking in like three different languages, but i could do it.
but no one thinks i can. like when i talk to people they're all surprised by how well i can speak, but they all think that i'm not capable to do schoolwork. now sometimes, i don't mind. however, one time it was this really simple task that i could do in like an hour by myself maybe. but the teacher was like 'oh you need someone to help you with this' and then i ended up with this girl who basically said 'oh you still don't understand spanish so you can't do any of this'. and then it took her like twice the time it would've taken me. and i colored. that was somewhat insulting haha.
and most teachers don't make me take the tests so i get to go chill outside and listen to music or something. luckily i finished all my credits in the U.S. haha.

so after school today i'm meeting up with some people i met from the AFS BBQ and Ipek, and we're going to try to sell raffle stuff for AFS. it's like a dollar and i asked my teacher and he said he'd think about it. like, really? it's a dollar haha. oh well. anyways so we're gonna meet up and then get something to eat afterwards.

let's see, what else can i rant about?
oh so i'm so close to uploading my videos. i made a youtube account to upload them to, and when i left this morning the first one had 5 minutes left. so ima go check that out when i get home. then i have to upload the second one. this is becoming such a pain. but oh well. it was the quickest way to get caught up.

mkay well not much has happened since i last posted so there's not much else to talk about. i'll post again when i get back from selling raffle tickets.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Trucking Along..

So while my two ridiculously long videos are uploading, I'll write about what's happened the past two days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011: Mkay so on Sunday I woke up randomly at like 6:30, and the power was out. However it came back on like an hour later, so I was like mkay maybe it was just a fault power line or something. Then when I woke up later, there was no power again. Apparently, Chile is running low on energy or something, so they cut all the power in the city for about two or three hours. It was also my host parents' wedding anniversary so we went into town for lunch. We went to this Italian place and it was DELICIOUS. I was so stuff by the time we left. And then, I just relaxed the rest of the day. Good ol' Sundays.

Monday, March 21, 2011: like always on Monday, I slept through my alarm and woke up SO late. I had about 7 minutes to get ready. Then host dad and I booked it to school, and luckily I got there on time(: Let's see, first I had math class. Feña and I sat in the back and did nothing haha. Next I had two hours of Language class (kind of like English class in the states). Ipek and I were supposed to take a test together, but I get the teacher forgot, so we ended up playing games like SOS, tic tac toe, and battleship haha. We're so creative. Then I had two more hours of Language with my homeroom and for the first hour was a test that I didn't have to take so I sat outside listening to music. For the second hour I didn't understand anything. And I ended up getting a headache. After we had two hours of English and we watched part of a movie called 'Tangled'. OH MY WORD it cracks me up. I felt like such a loser though because I'm like the only one that gets the humor and I'm the only one laughing out loud.
Also, today's my dad's birthday and I wanted to surprise him by calling him. So I went to a (idk how to say it) like calling center? And it took me a bit to figure out the country code but eventually I got it. So I got to talk to my mom and then dad for a bit, but I ended up rambling a lot so it cost me about $8. But it's only like 50 cents a minute so it's not that bad(: Then I came home and just about passed out.
Also it's SUCH a nice night out so I went outside with Javi and Toby (the dog) for a bit.
And now I'm updating.

gahhhhh i can't believe i'm leaving in a little less than 2 months. it's crazy. at first it felt like this year would never end. and now i don't want it to. like at first everything was really exciting and new. then there were some problems at home and in my school and i wanted to go home. and now i love it here and the culture and everything and don't want to go backkkkk.
mkay well i'll try and get at least one of my videos posted tonight and i'll make sure to post tomorrow(:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

video fail.

alright sooooo to get all caught up i made two videos talking about the past six months on exchange. unfortunately, they won't upload to the blog. so i'm trying to upload them to my facebook right now and i'll put the link up after it downloads.


stuff i wrote on january 23, 2011:

Alright so how do I go about updating everything i’ve done in the past 4 months without writing a novel? I’m sorry, but I’m going to half to summarize most of it. I’ll do my best to include as many details as I can without boring you all to death. If anyone ever reads this, that it. Also, if you have facebook and want to see my pics from chile, search for Mimi Catalàn Burmeister and add me.

Mkay, let’s do this:
Friday, September 10: this was kind of a waste of my school day haha. To celebrate September 18 (which is like 4th of july), the entire school had all of these BBQs with all of these Chilean foods. It was so delicious(: however one of my friends decided that she wanted to go home and put normal clothes on (instead of her uniform) cuz a lot of other people had normal clothes on. And she wanted me and Karen (my best friend) to go with her. However, she lives an hour away by bus. So I spent two hours traveling (and I had to pay like 12 bucks) so her to change her pants. That was a waste of my day. But when we got back to the BBQ thing there was empanadas, French fries, candy apples, churripan, sopaipilla, cotton candy, etc. gahh it was soooo good! So after eating like everything haha, my friend Karen and I left early and hung out at the portal (which is the mall).

Saturday, September 11: let’s see I started out the day going to my three hour dance class. That was fun. Haha I enjoyed the jazz part of it, but I didn’t particularly like the ballet part. Oh well I only went to it like three or four times. After class I packed a bag and my family and I went to Pucon for the weekend. We didn’t leave until like 8 at night though so we got there around 9:30 or 10. Then we went to a restaurant for dinner and we all had French fries(: After I shared a room with Javi and her friend Anto for the night.

Sunday, September 12: We drove around Pucon and looked at the beach and the little market for a bit first. I also saw two of my classmates in the street and talked to them for a bit. After we drove to the ‘termas’ which are like nature’s hot tubs(: so the whole family swam (is that the right word?) around for a bit and it was rather relaxing. Afterwards we had lunch and drove home.

Monday, September 13: Seeing as it was my first official day of vacation (yeah we got the whole week of for Independence Day) it was rather necessary to sleep in late. Then I spent the night at my best friend Karen’s house.

Tuesday, September 14: I stayed at Karen’s for the day, then we walked to the mall and hung out there for a bit. After we caught up with her mom and aunt and went to the centro to do some more shopping. Then Karen’s mom dropped me off at the university for my theater class. After class, at like 10 at night, I took the bus home by myself and got home safely. Go gringa!!

Wednesday, September 15: ooh fun day(: this day I went back to Pucon but this time with Karen and my other best friend Silvi. So first we took a taxi to the bus station and then an 1 ½ bus ride to Pucon. When we got there we had lunch and shared this typical Chilean dish called Churrillana. That’s probably spelled wrong. Anyways, it’s delicious and has French fries, onion, chicken, beef, eggs, and bread. IT’S SO DELICIOUS and I’m going to have to make it when I go back to the states. So then I also got my ears pierced again(: and for like 6 bucks too haha. It was all legit though. Afterwards we walked around Pucon and looked at all the shops and markets and bought ice cream and rented this little bike thing. It was so funny. Then we finally had to go back and I got home around like 9 or 10.

Thursday, September 16: pointless day. I literally did NOTHING all day haha. Buu gringa. However at night my cousins came over and I played cards with my sister and cousins haha.

Friday, September 17: this might’ve been another pointless day. What I’ve noticed is that when there are vacations and holidays, ALL of my classmates go to other cities. Or just like disappear haha. However we did hang the Chilean flag outside and I listened to the Chilean national anthem.

Saturday, September 18: INDEPENDENCE DAYYYY! Unfortunately I didn’t get to do much on this day. We went to Loncoche and had lunch with my family there. That’s it haha.