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oh golly it's been almost exactly 5 months since i posted! I'M SO SORRYYYYYY. okay so i started to update this in like september and then idk i guess i just got distracted. but i'll post what i wrote then and then i SWEAR i'll try to update you all on all of my shenanigans in the past 5 months.

September 26, 2010:
'So I have officially not posted in over a month and have officially become one of those bloggers that I hate. I’ve also officially been here for two months :D And I think that’s all for official news right now. Mkay, so we have a month’s worth of Chile awesomeness to cover, so let’s get started.

I believe the last time I posted was on Tuesday, August 24. Hah, it’s now Sunday, September 26. Anyways, let’s start with Wednesday, August 25. So remember how it was Jesus Week in my school? Haha, okay so it wasn’t Jesus Week, but it was like Spiritual Week or something (just a lot of Jesus glorification). So on top of that, we also got to do community service. Since Colegio Bautista is a private school and whatnot we have to give back to the community. So on Wednesday we had like the first two periods of the day, which was Lengauje y Educacion Christiana (I’m not sure how to say Christian class in Spanish, but it’s something like that). After we all went back to homeroom and got ready to leave. We finally left the school and walked to another school that was a couple blocks away. The school we walked to was for kids with mental disabilities. We made them lunch, sang a few songs, played some games, etc. While setting up lunch, I left with Fernanda for a bit so she could buy some cigarettes. There was a place like a block away but the guy wouldn’t sell to her. Then she asked someone to buy them for her, but the guy knew that they were buying for Fernanda, so he still wouldn’t sell them. Next, some other people from our class came to the store to buy extra bread and stuff for the lunch. While we were waiting to buy stuff, the guy explained to Fernanda that he could get in a lot of trouble and Fernanda was like ‘yeah whatever’ and all that. Afterwards, we returned to the school and they had already started the lunch thing. So since I didn’t really understand Spanish still, I just assumed I’d stand there and do nothing until it was over. However, there was this one girl who like wanted me to sit next to her and kept holding my hand and telling me she loved me. So I chilled with her for the rest of the event. Oh and one of the guys there tried to kiss Yisley. Poor girl was really upset over it. So after all that excitement, we were able to go home. Like REALLY early. Instead, we all walked to the Portal (which is like the mall) and got lunch. Next I got a ride home from one of my classmates’ mom and I probably just chilled the rest of the day.

I believe Thursday during the day was normal. Wait, we had another Jesus assembly. Dude, those assemblies were so weird. Like the one of Thursday was first about Jesus and then was about emos and horrible they were. I seriously felt like the presenter guy was the next Hitler and emos were the Jews. Not even kidding you, it had a next-Holocaust feel to it. It was creepy. Other than that, I believe the rest of the school day was normal. After school, however, was terrifying. So I was standing outside after school and my mom had gone inside to go talk to the tennis instructor. All of a sudden this strange smell came around and, in an instant, my lungs, throat, eyes, and nose started burning and watering like crazy. With the rest of the kids standing outside, I ran into the school to get away from it. Finally, I was able to breathe and calm down when I got inside. Apparently it was a tear gas bomb and apparently they’re extremely common. Oh boy. There was a protest at a college like right next to the school and I guess the police set off the bomb to break it up. Ughhh it was SO terrifying and whatnot. Haha all the other students like brushed it off though. And for the rest of the day my mom couldn’t figure out why I was upset haha.

Also, just as a side note, I might be making Chile sound like this horrible, scary place but I swear I LOVE it here c: legit, it’s amazing and anyone would be a fool not to at least visit once.

And now it’s been another three weeks and I still haven’t updated. Mkay, since I still have a little over 8 months left in Chile, I’m sure you’ll still be able to get a feel for my exchange if I half-ass the past two months. I promise things will get better after this. It’s just been a rough few weeks hah.

Let’s see, now we’re at Friday, August 27. Haha to be honest, I don’t really remember what I do in class. My memory has been really weird lately. So I just remember what I quickly jotted down a few weeks ago. Anyways, Friday we had another assembly about G-d and all of that. It was pretty interesting. I mean, except for all of the propaganda and whatnot. Then I learned how to dance the national dance, the cueca. One of my friends Lucy taught it to me. It seems pretty simple. I mean, getting the basics of it. I’m sure I look like a fool when I do it though haha. But that’s not important. At least I learned it. Then that night I ended up getting really homesick so I made another facebook for my Chilean friends and contacts only.
Saturday, August 28, was a tiring day. It was my first day of ballet class. Three hours of tap, jazz, and ballet. That was fun. Haha actually the jazz part was enjoyable. The rest of it I disliked immensely. Like, the last time I did tap and ballet was when I was about 4. And all of these girls have been dancing for years and they’re all like sticks. So I definitely stuck out. A lot. The girls were all really nice though. And there are two girls from the U.S. there. Their parents are missionaries so they stay here for four years at a time and then go back to the U.S. for a year. I find that to be rather unfortunate; I mean, having to move around so much. They’re from Alabama and their family is really nice. Anyways, so after three hours of dance I was frustrated and exhausted. Then it was only Javi and I at home for most of the day, so I just slept and relaxed.

Sunday, August 29, we traveled to another city for the day. First we went to Villarrica and had lunch to celebrate my first official month in Chile c: Oh yeah so in restaurants here you seat yourself, don’t get ice in your drinks, and have to pay for every drink (instead of the free refills I’m used to). And it usually comes in a glass bottle. Then we went to look at the snow covered mountain (it was a fair distance away though), climbed some trees, took pictures, etc. Next, a few minutes away, we drove to Pucon and went to the beach for a bit. However, since it was still winter, we didn’t go in the water haha. We just looked around, took some pictures, etc. Apparently my dad designed/built one of the buildings there. It’s really cool looking. After that, we drove home. I really like Villarrica and Pucon though.
Monday, August 30, we had another assembly (and I was convinced that Jesus week was going to turn into Jesus month or Jesus year. But it stopped that day) during our grade meeting period. We watched a movie and whatnot. It was in English, so I had no choice but to understand it. Later in Language class we had a test, but since I don’t even understand Spanish let alone the intricacies of it, I didn’t have to take it. So instead I went to hang out with another class in psychology. And I guess that was the end of my day.

Tuesday, August 31, something happened in English class, but I have no idea what haha. I like English class though :p it’s kind of confusing though with all of the conjugations and reported speech. Sometimes kids have me do their homework or help them on tests haha. I don’t mind though, since they all help me with Spanish. After school I went to play tennis. That was interesting. My tennis teacher was hot and young, but we had such difficulties communicating. Also, all the other kids were in like middle school or younger. That was a bit embarrassing. However, I think the teacher understood that I was a bit better than my mom told him. Then after tennis, I went to my theater group. Yeah, it’s still really awesome being in theater and not being able to speak the damn language. But whatevs, the people are really nice and whatnot.

Apparently Wednesday was a really boring day in school, because I have nothing written down about it. However, after school Ipek, Yisley, Karen, and I walked around town. First we went to the Portal for a bit and looked around, and then we went to the centro and got ice cream. Next Karen, Ipek, and I took the micro home since we all live really close to each other.

Once again, nothing special happened on Thursday, September 2, at least not in school. Apparently I was sick though. But that seems to happen a lot here. However I usually didn’t feel good a lot in the states either. But oh well, I’m used to it. Anyways, I met with my contact again. Incase I didn’t tell you about his before, his name is Eduardo and he lives really close. He went to the Czech Republic on his exchange, so his English isn’t perfect, but we’re able to communicate haha. So I talked to him about a few things that were on my mind, and we eventually fixed everything. So that was nice.

Friday was a long, interesting day. Really bad at first, but it eventually got better. So in the morning, I was sitting at the dining table, eating breakfast and watching TV as always. And it was on the news, like always. Then all of a sudden it showed this car accident and was talking about it. Next, it showed the people that had died. Like they had these tarps over them, but you could see their feet and it kept showing them, and it completely took me by surprise. Especially since one of them was a little girl who had lost her shoe and was wearing rainbow socks. It was heartbreaking for me. Then things got worse at school. During one of the breaks the seniors took over the cafeteria and posted these ‘Black Lists’ which contained people they hated in every grade and why. And it was completely normal and the inspectors did nothing about it. It was horrifying. Like they call one guy fat, ugly, and gay and called this other girl like a pornstar or something. And no one seemed to mind. It was ridiculous and a complete culture shock. And I just wanted to go home after that, but I stayed. We also danced some more cueca. So after school, I went to Yisley’s house, who lives in a city like an hour away. We made dinner, watched TV, watched scary movies, etc. I love her family so much. And that was like the only good part of my day haha.

Saturday I was still at Yisley’s house, and didn’t want to leave. We took pictures, celebrated her dad’s birthday, watched a movie, went four-wheeling, and more. It was so great. And I met like ALL of her family haha. They’re all so great and I miss them so much. But eventually I had to go back home. When I got home, they were having a BBQ for Javi since she switched schools. There were SO many kids and they were all like screaming and whatnot. Oh and then Paulina called me and invited me to a birthday party, so I had to get ready for that. Oh yeah, and after I had showered and was getting dressed, some guy like tried to walk into my room. So I yelled at him in English. Anyways, so after I was ready I went to Paulina’s house first and met her family and hung out with her for a bit. Then Fernanda came over and we went to Jota’s house, which turns out to be like a block from my house. So my mom was convinced that in that block from my house I could be killed, so I couldn’t walk home and had to leave at 2. Which is reaaaaaaaally lame because most parties don’t start til like 12. The party was really fun though c:

Sunday was a nice relaxing day. Which was good, because I wasn’t feeling too good. So my parents don’t really know how to cook (or they just don’t like to) and our maid lady doesn’t come on weekends, so my dad, Javi, and I went out to eat lunch. After that I went to go play tennis with my dad. And it was like the most ridiculous game of tennis in my life. All the courts we went to were taken, so we ended up going to like this parking lot and playing there. However, he made us stand like two tennis courts away from each other so we had to hit the ball as hard as we friggin could. Sometimes it was frustrating and sometimes it was fun haha.

Monday, September 6, not too much happened in school. However I ended up drinking too much coffee before psychology so I was really hyper and all of my classmates thought it was funny. Well idk about all of them but I know that some of them did. And it was good I guess because then they could see that I like to like joke around and stuff. So after school I went to the Portal with Karen to try to find a little purse. Everyone has these little purses so I used to stick out a lot with my gigantic, giraffe-print bag. Anyway, I ended up buying a lovely, little purple bag.

Mkay what happened the next few days gets a little confusing, but I think I figured it out. So on Tuesday, the weirdest thing happened during school. Instead of going to history class, our class just left school and walked to a funeral. I’m still not sure who’s funeral it was. A teacher’s mother, I think. It was SO weird for me. Like without any permission we just up and left class and went to a church for a funeral. Also, the lady’s grandson kept staring at me during the whole thing. Also uncomfortable. There was a casket and Jesus and everything. Alright now after school I’m pretty sure I went to the portal with Karen and Silvi and then went to centro with Karen and her mom and aunt. Then I got dropped off at the university for my theater group. After I’m pretty sure I took the micro home at like 10-something at night. Which didn’t seem dangerous, although according to my mom, it is.
Wednesday, I have absolutely no idea what happened. At all. So I’m just going to assume it was an average, uneventful day.

Hmm Thursday, September 9, was an eventful day. More or less. First of all, a lot of kids didn’t show because it wasn’t an official day of school. We had an assembly and people danced cueca, and some band played some songs including the school song and probably the national anthem. I also wrote down parade, but I don’t remember that particularly. So I’m going to assume there was a parade of sorts. After that my friends and I left early to go to the portal to go see a movie. However, nothing was playing soon so we went back to my friend’s house to watch a movie. But then we ended up not watching anything, so I tried to go back to the portal to buy something for my sisters birthday. However, I ended up missing my stop and for some reason just didn’t get off the bus. So I ended up going to some deserted town and the bus driver helped me get on the right bus back to the portal. So it took me an hour and a half to get back to where I wanted to go. So then I bought a doll for my sister and finally went home.'

Mkay so that's what i had a few months ago, and i promise to post every day to get all of you caught up! SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY

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