Tuesday, August 24, 2010

(insert chile-related title here)

hahah so i've had a somewhat eventful past two days. first of all:
dear Temuco/Chile,
I AM JEWISH. i plan on staying this way for a while. entonces, please stop trying to convert me.

mkay, anyways. so the school part of monday was rather uneventful. we had a test in chemistry, so the teacher let me go to the library for two hours. sooo i worked on my spanish and whatnot c:
i don't think i did much that day. at least during school. oh the kids went kind of crazy during psychology. how kids act in the classroom here is soooo different compared to the U.S. they talk when the teacher's talking, scream, do crazy things, etc. haha it's interesting though. and i don't understand what the teacher's saying, anyways.

soooooo after school on monday, me, luci, and pau walked to the portal in town to go shopping! haha i had pau and luci pick everything out for me though :p and i ended up buying jeans, leggings, a skirt, shirt, and jacket. i love themmm.
Oh and while shopping, the sketchiest thing happened. We were in this store looking at stuff, trying clothes on, etc. and this guy that worked there was staring at me. However, being a gringa, this wasn’t anything new. Also, being the awkward person I am, I tried to make it as awkward as possible and obvious that I thought he was a creeper. Haha if I’ve ever hung out with you, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re curious, feel free to ask me at some other time and I’ll explain it better. So after I finished buying my clothes we were walking out and the creeper and I were having a staredown and I walked out and…HE WINKED AT ME. IT WAS SO CREEPY. Not that it should’ve surprised me. But bleck. Hahah so I freaked out after we left and then I looked back and the guy was standing outside of the store starting after us.
Hahah so yeah, guys here a little different than the ones in the U.S. it’s rather entertaining at times, though. But yeah, they stare. A lot. Luckily, no one has said anything directly to my face. Otherwise I’d have a slew of swears for them c: nobody messes with the gringa :P

Next comes today, Tuesday. Looking back on it, today was rather eventful. First, we had language which was the same: I didn’t understand anything. Then we had math, and I was actually able to do it, which made me super super happy. Next, something weird happened. We all filed into this…big room I guess? It had a stage and everything. And then we had a sort of assembly. About Jesus. Yep, that’s right. And then it struck me: I’m going a Baptist school. They did a few skits (which I’m sorry kind of upset me. But I think it’s because I’m used to the whole separation of church and state stuff) and had a sermon thing (I think) and we prayed a couple times. Haha a lot of people slept through it though. But yeahhhh that was a new experience. Then, at lunch i hung out with pau and fernanda. However, we forgot to go back to class after lunch, so we made up some gringa story about why we were late haha. That’s about all that happened at school.
After school, my mom and I went to this store to buy school supplies. I believe tomorrow my classmates and I are visiting a school for kids with special needs who are poor and we were told to bring school supplies for them. So we bought a few things. I also bought some lotion for my poor skin :c it’s been going crazy because it’s winter here. Anyways, so then we went home for a few hours. Then, around 7:15 my mother and I left.
In the absence of the Ellsworth High School theater program, I have joined a theater group. That’s right. A Spanish theater group. Even though I don’t know the damn language. Whatever, it gives me something to do on Tuesday nights. And I naturally relate to theater people, even if I don’t speak their language. Haha they were all really nice and we did some theater stuff so it wasn’t as scary as I thought it was going to be.

Something I’ve noticed: you need to have a strong stomach to withstand the driving here. Every time we have to drive somewhere, no matter how short a distance, I get carsick. Everyone gets so friggin intense on the roads. But surprisingly, I haven’t seen any car crashes yet.

Also, everyone here is really nice and loving and open and helpful. I like it here. <3

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  1. Reading your blog makes me laugh,(this a good thing by the way, except for the fact that my host-sister now thinks I'm crazy.) Anyways, I totally had the same weird school/religion experience. My school had mass and it's not even baptist or catholic or anything! Nyways, keep having fun being a gringa in Chile!