Tuesday, March 22, 2011

selling me some rifa..

mkay SO today wasn't a complete bore. YAY! :D
however it didn't get REALLY fun until after school haha

So after Sociales, I had Religion class and we went over this packet thing about the story of Jacob when he tricks his blind dad by wearing sheepskin. Like, I've personally never met someone as hairy as a sheep; that just seems unnatural. Anyways, mkay so there's a Chilean slang word called 'weon' that you call like your friends and stuff but it's also a bad word. So you're not supposed to say it around adults. So during religion my friend was reading out loud and all the guys were talking so I was like CALLENSE (or SHUT UP), and they all quieted down except for one guy. Then I said CALLATE WEON and the second I said it I was like OMW I'M SO SORRY to the teacher haha. But she was like 'ohhhhh well you're not from Chile and you didn't know, so it's okay.' ...yeah that's why the second i said it i was like ohhh perdoneme lo siento muuucho. Mkay so after that was Philosophy and Feña and I sat in the back and just listened to music and whole time haha. After it was lunch and we just chilled outside. Next, I had English class and we continued watching 'Tangled'. Man, the humor in that just really cracks me up. Then it was language class and Ipek and I played games. Good job. Productive day like usual.

Mkay so after classes, Ipek and I went downtown and bought ice cream and went shopping at the local market. i bought some nose piercings and earrings and idk what she bought haha. i also bought awesome glasses(: after, we went to the place where i got my lip pierced and asked if i could do it again. they said i could buuuuut the inspectors in my school told me i can't. que hago? no se po.
after we met up with randy and leo (two guys we met at the AFS bbq) and walked around town selling raffle tickets for AFS. oh mannnnn it was fun. first we walked around downtown trying to sell raffle tickets for $1. mannnn was it difficult haha. apparently raffle tickets are usually about 20 cents so everyone was like nopeeee don't have money. it was awful. afterwards, we walked around, talked, went to the mall, went to the hospital to see leo's new baby sister, joked around, took pics, back to the mall, ate, explored this german school, etc. ahhhhh i had sooo much fun with them! and we're all gonna hang out again soon :D i can't wait.

anywayssss i'm super exhausted from all the excitement, so i'm off to bed. i'll try to put the second video up tomorrow.

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