Monday, March 21, 2011

Trucking Along..

So while my two ridiculously long videos are uploading, I'll write about what's happened the past two days.

Sunday, March 20, 2011: Mkay so on Sunday I woke up randomly at like 6:30, and the power was out. However it came back on like an hour later, so I was like mkay maybe it was just a fault power line or something. Then when I woke up later, there was no power again. Apparently, Chile is running low on energy or something, so they cut all the power in the city for about two or three hours. It was also my host parents' wedding anniversary so we went into town for lunch. We went to this Italian place and it was DELICIOUS. I was so stuff by the time we left. And then, I just relaxed the rest of the day. Good ol' Sundays.

Monday, March 21, 2011: like always on Monday, I slept through my alarm and woke up SO late. I had about 7 minutes to get ready. Then host dad and I booked it to school, and luckily I got there on time(: Let's see, first I had math class. Feña and I sat in the back and did nothing haha. Next I had two hours of Language class (kind of like English class in the states). Ipek and I were supposed to take a test together, but I get the teacher forgot, so we ended up playing games like SOS, tic tac toe, and battleship haha. We're so creative. Then I had two more hours of Language with my homeroom and for the first hour was a test that I didn't have to take so I sat outside listening to music. For the second hour I didn't understand anything. And I ended up getting a headache. After we had two hours of English and we watched part of a movie called 'Tangled'. OH MY WORD it cracks me up. I felt like such a loser though because I'm like the only one that gets the humor and I'm the only one laughing out loud.
Also, today's my dad's birthday and I wanted to surprise him by calling him. So I went to a (idk how to say it) like calling center? And it took me a bit to figure out the country code but eventually I got it. So I got to talk to my mom and then dad for a bit, but I ended up rambling a lot so it cost me about $8. But it's only like 50 cents a minute so it's not that bad(: Then I came home and just about passed out.
Also it's SUCH a nice night out so I went outside with Javi and Toby (the dog) for a bit.
And now I'm updating.

gahhhhh i can't believe i'm leaving in a little less than 2 months. it's crazy. at first it felt like this year would never end. and now i don't want it to. like at first everything was really exciting and new. then there were some problems at home and in my school and i wanted to go home. and now i love it here and the culture and everything and don't want to go backkkkk.
mkay well i'll try and get at least one of my videos posted tonight and i'll make sure to post tomorrow(:

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