Tuesday, March 22, 2011

bored in sociales.

mkay so i'm in the computer lab right now. bored. i think we're supposed to be doing something right now but the teacher hasn't said anything to me. so i'll just continue blogging and facebooking.

that's the bad (but sometimes good) thing about be an exchange student: no one expects anything from you. like if i tried i could probably do what everyone else is doing. i mean, it'd result in a headache from all the translating and thinking in like three different languages, but i could do it.
but no one thinks i can. like when i talk to people they're all surprised by how well i can speak, but they all think that i'm not capable to do schoolwork. now sometimes, i don't mind. however, one time it was this really simple task that i could do in like an hour by myself maybe. but the teacher was like 'oh you need someone to help you with this' and then i ended up with this girl who basically said 'oh you still don't understand spanish so you can't do any of this'. and then it took her like twice the time it would've taken me. and i colored. that was somewhat insulting haha.
and most teachers don't make me take the tests so i get to go chill outside and listen to music or something. luckily i finished all my credits in the U.S. haha.

so after school today i'm meeting up with some people i met from the AFS BBQ and Ipek, and we're going to try to sell raffle stuff for AFS. it's like a dollar and i asked my teacher and he said he'd think about it. like, really? it's a dollar haha. oh well. anyways so we're gonna meet up and then get something to eat afterwards.

let's see, what else can i rant about?
oh so i'm so close to uploading my videos. i made a youtube account to upload them to, and when i left this morning the first one had 5 minutes left. so ima go check that out when i get home. then i have to upload the second one. this is becoming such a pain. but oh well. it was the quickest way to get caught up.

mkay well not much has happened since i last posted so there's not much else to talk about. i'll post again when i get back from selling raffle tickets.

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