Sunday, August 22, 2010

estoy enferma.

yep, that's right. i'm sick. don't worry it's only a cold. but it's a bad cold. and my sinuses are causing me pain, which has never happened before.
and i think if i'm not better by tomorrow, i might have to go to the doctor. please get better body!

anyways, so once again i haven't posted in a week. however, this time, my week hasn't been ridiculously eventful. so luckily, this post won't be ridiculously long.

let's start with the rest of my sunday. even though i wasn't feeling that well, i went on a hike with AFS. we all met at the bottom of Cerro Ñielol at 4:30. it was a pretty easy and short hike up the hill. we also stopped a few times to take pictures and whatnot. there were also some observatory things that overlooked Temuco. After we got to the top, we met up with this other AFS volunteer, Conti and had a picnic. first of all, Conti's friggin hilarious. secondly i've noticed that people eat a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches here. i don't mind, though. so after the picnic, Conti gave me a ride home because she lives close to my house. i also found out that she interviewed my host family to match them with me. so that's what happened with the rest of my sunday.

also, it rains here a lot. but it's not cold enough to snow. just rain. and lots of it. and it's been raining on and off for the past week. but other than that, not much has happened.
on monday, i was home by myself for most of the day and night. and the power went out from all the rain and wind.
tuesday i went to the portal with my friend, yisley, to look around. i'm also going back there tomorrow (if i'm not sick) with some of my other friends to buy some chilean clothes c:
wednesday, i actually did something! exciting. i went to the ballet with my friend, karen. it was actually the first time i've been to the ballet. it was sooooo cool. and such a beautiful performance. it was don quixote, although he didn't appear in the ballet much. i also almost lost my camera, but karen's family found it, thank god.
thursday, i'm pretty sure i didn't do anything after school.
friday, i went to my friend silvy's birthday party! that was pretty fun c: we listened to music, watched music videos, and watched a movie. we saw shrek forever after. luckily, it was in english so i was able to understand it. it was soooo funny. i finally got home around 1:30.
saturday, i sat around being sick, and same with today.

sooooo that's my week in a nutshell.
i promise more detailed posts will come later!
lots of love.

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