Tuesday, August 3, 2010

first day of school.

okay so first off, whoever told me that i would stick out like a sore thumb (looks wise) is completely wrong. there are kids here who look like they came from the U.S. we even have someone with blonde hair and blue eyes.

anyways, so yeah. first day of school was today. and holy sht that was terrifying. well i kind of psyched myself out, but at times it was very uncomfortable for me. when i walked in the classroom everyone stared. and it was like that for about the rest of the day. well, at times. but all my classmates took care of me and showed me where to go and translated for the teachers.
hah, oh yeah in my first class i got yelled at for distracting someone. except i wasn't even aware she was yelling at me, so oh well.
for classes i have, language, psychology, math, biology, p.e., physics, history, etc. i also need to pick an area for my electives. however i haven't figured out how to say it or ask it in spanish. so as soon as i figure that out, i'll be all set.

so far, i've definitely noted differences from school in the U.S.: first, the uniforms. haha i'm not sure if i like them or not. it's really easy to get dressed in the morning though. also, they call the teachers tia and tio and greet them all with a kiss on the cheek or a handshake.
the kiss of the cheek thing, i like it and all, but i'm not sure when to do it. and i don't want to be rude by not doing it, but i don't want to get all up in someone's grill if i do it at the wrong time.

also, this whole thing has like wiped my mind clean. when i'm standing with other people i can't think of anything to say to them, in spanish or english. haha oh and this guy kept saying lewd things to me in english, but that was to be expected. and this whole language thing is ridiculously and completely overwhelming. like, it was only my first day of school but it seems like i'll never in a million years be able to understand anyone.

oh lastly i finally found the other exchange student here. i met her at the orientation and we have english class together. there's also a girl from the U.S. who's teaching spanish here. so hopefully i'll get to talk with her some.

now i have to go pick ale up from the airport. my love to everyone.


  1. Mimi, I am going to read your post everyday! You are going to have a wonderful year and you will never forget the experiences you have and the friends you make. Enjoy every minute. jane

  2. Sounds like an eventful first day, sweetie. Hope you gave that boy saying lewd things a piece of you mind- an any language! Mom