Thursday, August 5, 2010

school is cool.

haha i don't really like those title things.

anyways, so i just got home from my third day of school. i never thought i'd say this, but i'm really enjoying school. haha well i liked school back in the states, but i like school here even more!

so let's see, what have i done in the past two days? basically, just went to school. so yesterday i made like my official first two friends. i was so excited. oh i also had christian class yesterday. we all got these phrases that we had to read and discuss and when it got to me, the teacher was like oh you don't have to read it, but i was like NO ima read it. haha so i read it (but didn't really understand it. i mean, i got the basic gist) and after everyone clapped for me. haha i thought that was cute. also, I UNDERSTOOD PHYSICS AND BIOLOGY IN SPANISH. i can't explain how excited i was. i also got to take the bus home yesterday. my friend karen walked javi, her friend, and me to the bus stop thing. dude, my bus ride home cost around 20 cents. yeah that's right. 20 cents. haha it's great. also, for dinner i had this thing that i'm pretty sure was called a 'completo'. it was like a big hot dog with guacamole, tomatos, and what might have been mayo. but i'm not entirely sure. it wasn't bad haha. ohhh also mi papà bought me a pocket dictionary.

and what happened today? oh i noticed three cultural things today. one was everyone carries klenex things with them. another thing: so in language class i didn't say hi to the teacher just because idk that's what we do in the U.S. and then later i was 'distracting' a student (even though no one was really paying attention) and she yelled at me (which i didn't understand) and sent me to the other side of the room. and later my friend told me that the teacher said she was mad at me because i didn't greet her. soooooo that was new. also, i guess these two kids in my class started 'dating' and the rest of our class saw them sitting together talking and they all start screaming and chanting something about 'pololos'. that was also new. oh and everyone screams a lot. or makes weird noises. it's kind of like show choir practice. i also had my first art class today. it wasn't that bad. it was actually really relaxing which was nice. haha so after lunch i was hanging with my friend karen on this swingset thing and she called me gringa. hahaha it was great.
however, i got invited to the movies tomorrow. and a party on saturday. but i can't go on saturday because i'm going skiing with la familia. so we'll see how that goes.

hasta luego xoxo

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  1. HAHHAAHA mimi the show choir thing, so true. this is awesome! so funny but great