Monday, August 2, 2010

subtitles, uniforms, and contacts OH MY!

hola a todos. haha i'm not even sure if that's right. mkay so this can't be a long post because it's late and i have school tomorrow. yeah that's right. first day of school. in a foreign country. think i'm nervous? you have no idea.

so this morning i got to sleep in til 11 which was very nice. i also have a tv in my room which is also very nice. i watched cartoons in spanish for two hours which started to hurt my head. then ale y yo had lunch which was super delicious. oh i also learned that there is someone who helps clean the house during the week. juanita. she's nice.

then mi mamà y yo went to pick up javi at school. i'm pretty sure that next when we came home ale gave me her old school books and school jacket. and then we went back into town to go shopping. oh man did we shop. we bought school uniforms, gym uniforms, shoes, socks, lots of school supplies, etc. haha it was so strange to be buying all of this at the beginning of august. and to be buying it in a foreign country haha.

i also got to go down town which was very very cool. lots of people though. haha mamà y ale made sure i didn't get lost though. so that was very nice. however we took a lot of time shopping so we came back home only for a few minutes so that ale could pack. she had to fly to santiago for a day. no sè porque. so we drove her to the airport and said good bye for a day.

next we came home and had dinner. dinner here is so different from the united states. like it's small. i like it though. haha i really like chile in general. anyways we had bread with marmalade and eggs and tea. delicioso. and partway through dinner my AFS contact came for a visit and to introduce himself. his name is eduardo. he's really nice and lives very close to mi casa.

afterwards we finished dinner and watched tv. and now i really must go sleep.

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  1. bread with marmalade? eggs and tea...for dinner? That sounds British or German-- wonder if your family has european background or if I just know nothing about Chilean cuisine!
    You are brave to be having this adventure, or hopefully series of adventures. Josh and I are going to follow your updates...