Friday, August 6, 2010

my first outing.

yep, that's right. i have chilean friends who want to hang out with me. shabooyah. but let's start at the beginning of my day:

since it's friday and it's during the school year, i naturally had school today. during 'homeroom' (i'm not sure what they call it in spanish) we had to sign up for the PSU which is like the SAT. so i'm not sure if i have to take it because it's like a national test for kids who want to get into college and stuff. man i hope i don't have to take it. haha SATs were enough and that was in my own language. let's see, then i had art but we didn't really do anything. and then we had math and everyone had to take a test except for me because i didn't really understand what was going on. so i studied the spanish papers that i brought with me. i should find like worksheets to do or something. then i had my art elective and we continued working on drawing proportional bodies. i find it to be so relaxing. let's see, then there was lunch and my classmates helped me put my yogurt and chocolate crispies thing together; that was entertaining haha. the guys also like to say lewd things in english around me. well not all, but some. i think it's funny though. sooo after lunch i had my lenguaje elective with karen but i'm not sure if we ever do anything in that class. so far we've just sat there. so karen usually helps me with spanish during that class.
OH i had an adventure during language elective today!! i told karen that i wanted to buy food but i was nervous because i have to talk to strangers in spanish and if they respond and i don't understand i just don't know what i'd do. so karen said she'd come with me and help me. and soooo i bought something from the school snack shack thing!!! i was so proud. haha even though i used ridiculously simple spanish. but oh well. i'm learning.
i also had gym class today. which was a bit of a shocker for me. first of all, the classes are separated into boys and girls. for some reason, i just found that to be odd. but i guess one could say that it's more fair. i mean, aren't guys naturally more athletic? also i think it's less pressure of both of the sexes if they're with their own gender. ehh idk. we also played some type of baseball today. but it's either different in chile or they just changed it for the class. instead of have three bases and home base, you have to run around the entire gym and there are a total of about 8 or 9 bases. and whatnot.

soooo after school ended, i went to hang out with my friends at the portal (local mall). however, there was a bit of confusion between mi mamà and i. thank you language barrier. luckily though, she wasn't mad, just concerned. and i had to have my friends translate for me. all in all, mi mamà gave me and my friends a ride to the portal where we went bowling, had ice cream, and saw a movie. mannn it was so much fun. gosh darn i have to go soon, but i'll try to sum up quickly.
uhhhm the bowling was fun, ice cream delicious, and the movie was in spanish and i understood the majority of it!!! shabooyah.

and now i have to go.


  1. Hey! You have Chilean friends!
    It sounds like life has been going pretty weel for you too. Is your Spanish coming along well? Mine is improving, but I wish I could understand more! Keep having fun!

  2. That's so fab! I am super jealous of you. How long is the school day?